Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sims or Souls?

Forget the brain for a moment. Would you explain a dream by an object in the dream carried around in a cranial box?

What we have is Self and Other.

Other is only truly other because it is largely uncontrollable and mainly unpredictable. If we had perfect control and foresight the whole universe would dissolve into a solipsistic globule and we (I?) would be God.

If the universe were predictable and controllable by God Himself then He would have no creation. The whole thing would simply be one hellishly boring puppet, unsurprising, unchallenging, lonely and eternally obvious. If God kept control of us we "would just be Sims" as one of my Chinese pupils put it. Perhaps there would be no suffering, but there would be no love either because there would be nothing other to love.

So to put it simplistically, but in the only way I can understand, God did not (does not) plan every detail of the creation, but creates the physical laws by which it creates itself and sustains the substance, energy, waves and rays which give it body. He upholds time and space from which He stands independent. (I make no apology to transient gender tribalism by using 'He' as common gender. Obviously God has no gender).

Although God is able by compassion to intervene, when he does so the independent being of His creation is compromised. He may submit to closing the gap of otherness when one of his creatures prays in love to Him. This is what love is: a longing to return to the original union. If it succeeds too well, however, creation telescopes back and loses its multifariousness.

I may be wrong. Please put your comments.

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